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  Bill Daughtry
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Photo's & Testimonials

Te what its value will be. 
"Just wanted to congratulate you on 
your 30 years as a successful businessman...in the world of sports
cards, memorabilia, etc. :) Kevin,
Bryan and I have had great times!
From your knowledge of sports to
giving us the opportunity to meet a
variety of famous athletes, we
thank you. (Thank you also for
being understanding of our love of
the NHL. lol). Have a great
Pack Wars! And we will see you soon! Take care.....Liz (Kev & Bry)"
May, 2012

Negro Leaguer Robert Scott In-Store Signing.
Dear Steve, Thank you for the fantastic items from Pack Wars.  The companies were really nice to send those various items to you. Thank you
for the Willie Mays autograph baseball. Also the Panini autographs of Tim Thomas and Jeremy Roenick. It was great to pull the Trent Richardson 1-15 Letterman R patch. I can not wait to see what its value will be!
Mark A.
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