In Memoriam

Michael D. Kushner


Mike was a dear friend and industry leader for more then 3 decades. Known as Howell Baseball Cards, Mike was the promoter of some of New Jerses best card show & atograph signings. Mike was directly instrumential in the success of Attack of the Baseball Cards. We lost Mike on Thursday, July 11, 2019. RIP Mike...

Jim Bouton


The former 1960's New York Yankee tarting pitcher, Jim Bouton was also know for his best selling novel "Ball Four". Bouton was a sportscaster for New York's WCBS-TV in the 1970's. He was also a co-owner & co-developer of "Big League Chew" chewing gum. Bouton did several signings through the years for ATTACK OF THE BASEBALL CARDS. Here he is pictured in 1972 with ATTACK Owner Steve Mandy (left) & Steve's brother Jack (light). Bouton passed away in July 2019.


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