What is Pack Wars?


Pack Wars is a big contest that we do once every few months. .In order to attend each customer must purchase an admission ticket. The current ticket price is $30 each, but with your ticket you get 30 Pack Wars Bucks. Pack Wars Bucks are like dollar bills, at Pack Wars you can use cash or Pack Wars Bucks. Having a ticket also gets you a gift bag and will give you a chance to win doorprizes, answer trivia questions or take a price challenge. At Pack Wars, ATTACK sells packs of cards that range from $2 to $8. We do about 20 rounds, each round is a different product. We switch from sport to sport each round & you do not have to be in any round that you don't want to be in. So the first round I might sell a baseball pack. It might be a $5.50 pack but we'll sell it for $5 per pack. Some rounds we limit the amount of packs you can buy and some rounds you can buy as much as you'd to. After everyone has bought their pack(s) we'll ask you to open your pack(s) & find a stat. By stat I mean, I may say something like, find the fattest player. Everyone will start to scream out players weights from the backs of the cards and the person who has the player who weights the most, wins that round. Each round the winner gets a gift pack of cards & a Win Ticket. At the end of 20 rounds we take all the Win Tickets, put them in a box and mix them up, then we randomly pick out a winner. The holder of the winning ticket gets to come our Pack Wars Prize Chest which is already on display in our store and photoed above, we empty out the Prize Chest and show everyone everything in the chest. Our winner gets to pick out any prize they want. Then we pick out another name and that person gets to pick out their prize. We keep doing that till everyone who won a round gets one prize. After everyone has their prize, we keep picking out names so that everyone who won a round, gets a prize for each round they won. So the more rounds you win, the more prizes you get. 

ATTACK'S Super Bowl Sunday Pack Wars!!


The Super Bowl Sunday at ATTACK OF THE BASEBALL CARDS Pack Wars is always one of the best!!! Admission Tickets are required and do sell fast.  You can buy advance Pack Wars Bucks for 10% Off till about two weeks prior to each Pack Wars. Each year, the Super Bowl Sunday Pack Wars takes place from 1pm-4:30pm!